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Hello, I'm Ayshea...

When I was a little girl, I can remember feeling so excited when my Grandmother would often have lovely and exciting cakes and treats for me. It was a magical time and one that has spoilt me because now I always want that same feeling when enjoying a tasty little treat.        

Finding that experience anywhere else has been almost impossible. The combination of delicious, hand made, high quality treats put together with genuine passion, and then presented in a classy way that appeals to my now adult expectations.

I have baked for years, made hundreds of celebration cakes, developed my skills with sugarcraft, chocolate craft adding plenty of imagination, and set my standards really high.

In my mind, a luxury treat experience has to appeal to all the senses, it has to look great, taste amazing, smell delicious, have a wonderful texture and give you an audible mmm sensation that just feels special. I ask myself, would that make me feel special?

Afternoon tea is something that I have always associated with decadence and self-indulgence. The component parts of an outstanding luxury afternoon tea all have that element of magic about them.

So I decided to combine all my desires with my years of baking and chocolate making experience and start providing little luxury treats that hopefully evoke the same feeling for others that they do for me.

It’s not just a passion, it’s a real feeling of pleasure, I hope you agree… 


Brown Whisk by Little Luxury Treats
Video demonstation of afternoon tea by Little Luxury Treats
owner of little luxury treats, Ayshea

A little video introduction to our signature Afternoon Tea for 2